What kind of hero makes your heart go pitty-pat?

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  • THE BAD BOY....He makes you weak at the knees and your lady garden has never blossomed so fast...but this man not only smells of trouble...he can spell it (in five different languages)...
  • THE WOUNDED HERO...He doesn't talk a lot, but when he does? It's like being with the Dalai Lama...if the Dalai Lama was being played by Brad Pitt. Or Chris Pratt. Or any other man who's surname ends with two Ts.
  • THE WILLING HERO...This guy not only enlisted in the army/fire house/police force, he steps directly into the line of fire if it means saving a life.
  • THE ONE YOU LEFT BEHIND...Sometimes dreams are worth pursuing. A job in New York. That college education no one in your family ever achieved. A free trip to Bermuda. And sometimes there was a broken-hearted man left behind while you pursued your dreams. Is he worth giving a second chance?

Speaking of jobs...what kind of 'What do you do for a living' answer makes you swoon?

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  • I'm just going to say it: A kilted, yoga-loving Scottish surgeon would do it for me. If you want to choose second best...see below.
  • Founder of Private Clinic that Saves Itsy Bitsy Babies from Rare Diseases (Did I mention he's also a single dad?)
  • Paramedic: These guys not only go straight to the heart of the matter, they know how to keep your heart beating until all those other doctors who need loads of fancy machines in the hospitals out of the weather can help.
  • Head of the Hospital AND Neurosurgeon: Don't worry about getting stuck in an elevator with this one..he'll not only scoop you up in his big strong Crossfit arms, he'll be able to keep you alive with the kiss of life.
  • None of the above. You're weird. I'm going to tell you below in the responses EXACTLY who sets my heart alight and creatively wonder why you lacked the imagination to put him at the top of your list.

Your perfect hero has just walked into your life...only trouble is...you're going to have to move to his country FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE....So where's it going to be?

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  • Italy (I know our very own Avril Tremayne will be there in a New York Second)
  • New York (Can anyone resist a meeting on the Empire State Building?)
  • Greece: All of those islands! The sun! The sea! ABBA for the rest of your life! What's to resist?
  • Argentina: I suspect living in Argentina would be spectacular for beef lovers...but is it really filled to the brim with beefcakes? Or have you got your eyes on the only one? Perhaps he is worth learning some magic moves on the tango floor floor! Ole!
  • Again. You have have zero imagination! Ever heard of Mongolia? Khazakstan? New Zealand? C'mon lady. Grow a pair and quit falling back on the classics. Use your mental frequent flyer points and get travelling!

You can only pick ONE of these places in which to spend the rest of your life because you have just been KIDNAPPED by a man who makes your lips tingle (and other parts, too but right now you MUST resist)...where do you want to find your thread count?

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It's AGAINST YOUR WILL time. No one likes to be forced into anything. I was once made to eat chocolate cake and voila! That aversion was solved quick smart.

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  • Marry someone against your will if it meant saving a family member's life and possibly discovering your faux-husband wasn't such a meanie pants after all.
  • Get left at the altar in front of everyone you know and love (but maybe it would lead to meeting the true love of your life?)
  • Be kidnapped (who knows why people kidnap people...maybe this GP knows something you don't know and it will help SAVE THE WORLD)
  • Be wooed by a handsome stranger only to discover he'd done so to seek REVENGE (...does he learn a valuable lesson about respect and love from you?)
  • None of these. Again...you are not exercising your brain. There are modern day pirates to consider. War time ransoms. Trapped in a house in a snowstorm with your enemy. Trapped in a mansion with your best friend's boyfriend. (Not really that one, but you see where I'm going). GET CREATIVE YOU MINX!!!!